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Help our local businesses survive the Covid-19 Pandemic

Our Local Businesses Need Us


Madison County Needs You

Dear Madison County Citizens,

These are extremely challenging times, for everyone. COVID-19 is here, it’s all around us, and it’s affecting everyone in a profound way. One of the most effective things we can do to fight is simple; stay home and away from others. Unfortunately, there is a downside to staying home – it will be catastrophic for our local businesses. Our small local businesses are the pulse of our area.

Livelihoods, employment, and the stability of many families and businesses are at stake. We encourage everyone to come together to support our local businesses, which will serve to support our entire community. Our local businesses are the backbone of our community. We present the Support Madison Area Business initiative – to empower the Madison County area to support our local businesses, even if they don’t leave the house.  Click here to see how it works.

Not only are local businesses the pulse of our community, but they need us… and we need them. Let’s make sure our local business owners and their employees can rest easy knowing that our entire area has their backs, and do something to improve our local economy… for all of us.

Be safe, be healthy, and stay home (for now). We’ll see you when this is over, when we can all go out to eat and shop together and celebrate.

Stay Safe & Healthy, and Buy Local,

HēLē Marketing, LLC

Let’s defend the fabric of our city.

How you can help

1. Stay Home, Stay Well.

The importance of staying home for a while is important. Staying home will save lives and help to curtail the spread of Covid-19.

2. Buy gift cards valid at many small businesses.

The cards are valid at lots of local business who need your support. You can buy the area-wide gift cards at our website.

3. Save them for when it’s safe.

When the climate is better, use the gift cards. Support our local small businesses, help them pay their staff and rebound from this event.

If you have the means, NOW is the time to be generous: Please consider buying what you can. Every little bit helps, so PLEASE buy what you can… and then redeem the cards at our local businesses. This is extremely important for our economy, our local businesses, their employees, and all our livelihoods.

For a directory of the businesses who are honoring the Madison County Gift Card

The list of businesses who honor the Madison County Gift Card will be dramatically changing every day, as we’ll be adding more and more businesses. Please tell your favorite businesses to check our website, and encourage them to sign up.

Do you own or manage a local business and want to accept the Madison County Gift Card? We can get you setup very quickly.

Please click the button, to send us your information, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The costs of the program are essentially limited to the cost of our credit card processing costs ONLY, to cover the costs of distributing the cards.  The equipment will be provided, as well as the exposure of being listed as a participating business… then redeem the value of the gift cards at your business, now (if you’re still open) or when things are clear.

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